Grief is a necessary part of life. We humans don’t ask to experience it; we don’t enjoy grieving; but we do all have this undercover agent prying into our lives at some point. As mommies, we hide from grief because we have to be strong and smiling for our loved ones. But mommies, you do need to grieve for the death of your child. You need someone to talk to, somewhere to vent your anguish. I want angelsmommies to be part of your healing and support.

My Mission

The ultimate goal of angelsmommies is to keep my angels’ memories alive, to help this overlooked and grieving community of mommies, and eventually to connect angel mommies with each other for more personal grief support.

The Author

Sarah George is a writing, wife-ing, cooking, scrapbooking DIYer who became an angel mommy on 03/2014. She proudly holds the memory of her sweet angels Haven and Hadassah in her heart (Luke 2: 19).


Feel free to contact me. I want to hear from you!