God’s Love Runs Deep {and Never Fails}

Easter will be here in less than two weeks. For some people, celebrating Easter means dying eggs in pastel colors, setting up bunny decorations around the house, and picking out Easter baskets stuffed with chocolate bunnies and yellow Peeps (they are rather cute!). But Easter does go beyond bunnies and eggs. It’s a day that we celebrate God’s great love for us, a love that never fails (Matt. 26:1-28:10).

Don’t get me wrong about your Easter traditions. Growing up, we often bought new dresses around Easter to wear that Sunday.

Then, we would go to an early sunrise service at church and share a scrumptious breakfast. I do remember dying eggs and going to Easter egg hunts a few times too. I’m not here to start an argument about how to celebrate Easter, but I do want to direct your attention a little.

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Christmas Hope for the Grieving

Christmas—a time of giving, kindness, attention to the homeless or poor, and a season warmed by glowing smiles, jingling holiday music, and balmy Christmas hope. For those of us who have lost loved ones, our laughter and cheer might feel a bit pretend. A sip of hearty peppermint hot chocolate might taste bittersweet.

I do think about my children and grandparents in Heaven at times. I’m sure you think about yours too. But at least for me, Christmas truly does wrap me in a blanket of hope.

Maybe hope is just a habit that we humans have formed around Christmastime. Growing up, we hoped for treats and presents and days off from school so much that those hopes bled over into our adult lives too.

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Giving Thanks Through Your Child’s Death

Giving Thanks in Child's Death

“The Lord will never give you more than you can bear.” This thought from the Bible burns in my mind when I think about my babies in Heaven. God has showered my life with so many blessings. I honestly can’t think of a trial much deeper for me than enduring a child’s death.

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Rainbow Baby: When to Try Again


“Do you think you’ll try for a baby soon?” People are hoping for this rainbow baby, the precious child that comes right after losing one.

Now that it’s been six months since Hadassah’s death, this is a common question I get asked. I don’t mind the question actually. I wonder about it myself almost every day.

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“God, I Want a Reason”



“God, tell me why you are doing this to me. I want a reason.” Looking back at the moments during my last pregnancy when I cried out in anguish to my Lord, I see my stupidity. I see my fast-paced, high-maintenance American ways infiltrating my spiritual communion with God. I had demanded of God an answer.

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Is God Still Good During Child Loss?


In preparation for this Sunday’s Angels Meeting, I am posing this question to you, “Is God still good even during child loss?” Questions crowded my mind the moment that we knew the likely outcome of Hadassah’s birth. When she died, I felt angry that such a catastrophe would even happen to me. The likelihood of a baby being born with ectopia cordis is eight out of one million babies. One million.

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How the Bible Helped Me through Child Loss

Bible study 2

Whether you have suffered a miscarriage or carried your baby full-term, child loss is equally anguishing. Turning to God throughout this trial is a must. When you have no peace, trust in the One Who is everlasting Peace. When you have no stability, trust the One Who created the world. When you no longer have the strength to step out of bed in the morning, trust the One Who is everlasting Strength.

As I grieve my babies who are in Heaven, I continually remember God’s promises in His word about trials. I remember a specific instance when I was depressed about Hadassah’s death. I was so depressed that I literally felt weighed down, my body slumping while I vegetated on the couch.

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I Need Your Help!


Good evening, angel mommies and friends!

I really want to dive into a deep topic soon about why God allows child loss. I realize that I am not an omniscient source on grief and child loss, and that’s why I need your help!

Over the next few weeks, I would like to study this topic Biblically. I am asking that you prayerfully consider studying it with me. Also, if you know any good sources about why God allows child loss, whether book or online format, please comment or message me about it. Thank you in advance for your help!

by Sarah George