A Veteran’s Grief

veteran's grief

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. On this important day, we will honor those who have given up much to serve our country. We will honor the sacrifices that have only deepened each veteran’s grief.

They have seen the horrors of combat, risked themselves to find crucial knowledge for our country, and trained hard to prepare for the enemy. Needless to say, these veterans deserve our utmost respect.

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Your Baby’s Funeral: How to Plan


You just experienced one of the worst events in your life: losing your baby. You honestly can’t think how things could get any worse. Then, the doctor starts talking about your baby’s funeral, and your stomach sinks.

The mere thought of picking up the phone and explaining your situation to a dozen strangers sends hot tears to your eyes and a tremor in your voice.

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Preventing SIDS


SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is every mother’s worst enemy. We all want to protect our babies as much as possible, and we hate situations in which doctors tell us “there’s nothing we can do.”

Our hearts scream, “Yes, there is!”

And moms of SIDS victims may wrestle even more than most. Since doctors usually dub a situation SIDS after ruling out other underlying causes, these mothers are left without answers.

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Care Package Campaign


First of all, thank all of you who prayed and lit candles on Saturday for Infant Loss Awareness Day. When I heard about the Wave of Light, I pictured our children looking down on the dark world but smiling at thousands of tiny twinkles appearing across it. Thank you for honoring those children.

Care Package

But Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month isn’t over! Angels’ Mommies would like to present our new Care Package Campaign.

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Taking Care of Yourself


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Taking care of yourself

People say this phrase a lot when you lose a child. Unfortunately, it’s a little vague for all the truth it holds. Are there steps you should follow for taking care of yourself? When will you know that you completed the process?

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month


October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. When President Ronald Reagan pronounced this loss awareness in 1988, he showed his deep sorrow for bereaved mothers.

“When a child loses his parent, they are called an orphan. When a spouse loses her or his partner, they are called a widow or widower. When parents lose their child, there isn’t a word to describe them,” he said.

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My Story: Delivery Day


“Practice” Contractions

I had been feeling Braxton Hicks for several days now. “Is it normal to get them so early?” I thought. I still had six weeks left. The contractions were coming more frequently too. Sometimes, when I was tapping away on my computer at work, I would stop and breathe through a strong one. Kenny and I had listened attentively in labor class. I knew I shouldn’t have to concentrate so much if my body was just practicing.

Then, one Sunday night, I felt more nauseated than usual. My heart pattered inside me, and my hands shook.

“Maybe I’m just tired. I should probably get some rest.” I asked Kenny to turn off the movie we were watching, and we both trekked to bed.

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God Wouldn’t Let it Go

Well, it’s official. I am an angel mommy on a journey. Or more like sitting on the back of that elephant in the room. I knew for so long that my Haddie might be giggling in Jesus’ arms one day too soon, but the reality of her leaving never stared me in the face as much as it does now. My husband and I have so much pain to filter through. When God laid this angelsmommies thing on my mind, it just didn’t make sense to me at first. “Lord, but. . .” I felt like Moses in front of Pharaoh trying to free an entire nation. But God wouldn’t let it go. So, “here am I, Lord. Send me. Make angelsmommies the outlet that I need, the outlet to reach other angel mommies and an outlet for grief. Not to erase the grief, but to channel it.”

by Sarah George