Getting Back to Normal


After all that you’ve gone through, angel mommy, it can be hard to consider living pleasurably again. I felt as if life could never be normal for me. I couldn’t even fathom going through a day where I didn’t solemnly think about Haven and Hadassah. The truth is that your children wouldn’t want you to spend the rest of your life defeated just because they passed away. You have to find your way into the world again. You have to think about how your sadness may make others feel.

Do awaken yourself to those around you. Others want to help you get back to some kind of normal. Don’t get me wrong. I hope no one ever asks you why you remember your baby so much. You need to. You do need to understand, though, that others’ lives will go on. They will enjoy their families, laugh at a joke in front of you, and hug their children close.

Understand one thing: you will experience easy and hard days, especially when you’re trying to get back to normal. There may be days that you want to crawl under your covers and hide from the world. But your feelings will improve if you let others help you. Talk to a trusted friend about your feelings on the hard days, but smile on the good ones too.

by Sarah George

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