God Wouldn’t Let it Go

Well, it’s official. I am an angel mommy on a journey. Or more like sitting on the back of that elephant in the room. I knew for so long that my Haddie might be giggling in Jesus’ arms one day too soon, but the reality of her leaving never stared me in the face as much as it does now. My husband and I have so much pain to filter through. When God laid this angelsmommies thing on my mind, it just didn’t make sense to me at first. “Lord, but. . .” I felt like Moses in front of Pharaoh trying to free an entire nation. But God wouldn’t let it go. So, “here am I, Lord. Send me. Make angelsmommies the outlet that I need, the outlet to reach other angel mommies and an outlet for grief. Not to erase the grief, but to channel it.”

by Sarah George

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