How to Respond to an Angel Mommy (continued. . . )

Most people who know a mommy dealing with a loss don’t know what to say. They are unsure whether the topic is appropriate to broach and do not want to grieve the mommy further by reminding her of it. Can I tell you a secret? It’s probably on her mind each and every single day of her life anyway. Let me tell you the last 2 tips about talking to your angel mommy.

4. Be specific.

Don’t just ask, “how are you doing?” but instead ask, “how are you feeling about baby’s name today?” The more general the question does not mean the more sensitive. Trust me, she will appreciate your specific, genuine concern. This angel mommy probably wants someone to talk to.

5. It’s not about you.

I say this phrase with all due respect. But even if your angel mommy says that she is doing fine, do you really think she is? She just lost her baby. Would you be fine? She’s most likely going home from work each day with tears streaming down her face. Show that you care, even if she cries in front of you. You are helping this mother, who feels stranded and lonely, to grieve properly. You are her soothing balm to her broken soul. Talk about her loss. These conversations need to happen.

by Sarah George

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