My Story: Questioning God


On the same day that we caught Jenny up on the cardiologist’s news, Kenny received a phone call from the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. My heart tapped anxiously inside my chest when he emailed me about it. The doctors were interested in doing a fetal MRI to see the extent of Hadassah’s heart condition. The normal heart formation seemed promising. Finally, we were getting somewhere!

Later that week, a secretary called to confirm the plans. We would spend the weekend with my family about two hours away from the hospital, and then we would drive to Atlanta on Monday morning. We would have a tight schedule to follow, speaking with many doctors about the issue.

I had stayed home that day because I felt sick, but I started getting a bit lonely. I called my mother and talked about our plans to go up in a few weeks.

A while later, Dad called for an update too. Their church was never ceasing in their prayer for us and was always asking for any updates. I explained all that had happened, including the part where Jenny mentioned that the prognosis was low. He didn’t say anything for a moment. I was glad that he understood the gravity of the situation.

I guess I was feeling more depressed than I realized because I couldn’t contain the tears when I hung up the phone. I just kept thinking, “My little girl will probably die, and there is nothing that I can do about that. So many people are praying for her, Lord. Why would you let this happen to me? What could possibly be Your purpose and how could you get any glory from this baby’s death at all?”

I would soon find out some of God’s plan for my little girl.

by Sarah George

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