Find Healing through Online Grief Support

Online Grief Support

If you’ve experienced any grief over losing your child, you know just how extremely vital it is to get support. You may have seen the effects of the amazingly supportive people in your life, or you may understand the effects of living without support. For many, you might just fear the shame of asking for someone else’s help. Enter online grief support—through AfterTalk, to be exact.

You may have seen the article that I recently wrote for AfterTalk, and I thank you deeply for all your support. Many of you read this article and shared it on social media.

But AfterTalk actually goes beyond their inspirational stories and quotes on their blog. This grief website is an online support group that you can join for FREE, and they have several communities.

Online Grief Support

First, you can participate in their Private Conversations in which you write down your thoughts and feelings. With this community, you can pour out your heart to your loved one or journal memories to help you work through grief. Personally, I can vouch for the healing power of words and encourage you to take a look if you need a place to spill out your thoughts.

If you’d like a place to store memories of your loved ones, you can also use AfterTalk’s Hospice Memory Archiving. In this support section, you can keep pictures, recipes, and memories of your child or loved one. This archive is completely private, but you can share it with friends and family if you’d like.

Then, if you truly need an expert’s advice, you can use AfterTalk’s professional access, Ask Dr. Neimeyer. Here, you can ask questions about grief that you might not dare ask anyone close to you.

Online Grief Support

Inspirational Content

In addition to their personal support sections, AfterTalk also shares stories, news, and inspirational quotes on their blog. I loved this sweet, short article about Abraham Lincoln, showing how this President cared for someone else’s loss.

Overall, I think you’ll find the resources on AfterTalk very helpful during the hardest days of your child loss. In fact, if you’d like to read an inspirational quote or join the AfterTalk community, I encourage you to head on over there right now! By journaling your thoughts and getting the right support, you can begin the healing process and think back on your loved one with sweet memory.

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