Angel Mommies: Helping Others Help You


OK, so I can’t let you angel mommies off the hook. Just because I recently posted about how to respond to your grief, does not mean that others are solely responsible for this conversation. It is indeed a conversation. You should reach out too. Here a few ways to help others help you:

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When You Lose Your Child, Part 2

Losing your child can be one of the hardest experiences you ever endure. You may even feel as if the world around you isn’t real anymore, as if you’re in some game where you took a blow. You don’t want to forget your little one. Continue reading “When You Lose Your Child, Part 2”

When You Lose Your Child, Part 1

If you’re reading this post because you just lost your child, may I express my sorrow from one parent’s heart to another. Nobody should have to bury their children. You may be wondering how you will move on with your life without your baby. You will feel dazed, as if lightning struck you in that moment. You may think that nothing will ever help you past that experience.  Continue reading “When You Lose Your Child, Part 1”

My Story: Part 2

Although I had so casually dismissed the TA’s comment, I kept praying over the next few hours that everything would be all right. My heart thumped against my chest. What would this mean for my sweet baby?

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How to Respond to an Angel Mommy (continued. . . )

Most people who know a mommy dealing with a loss don’t know what to say. They are unsure whether the topic is appropriate to broach and do not want to grieve the mommy further by reminding her of it. Can I tell you a secret? It’s probably on her mind each and every single day of her life anyway. Let me tell you the last 2 tips about talking to your angel mommy.

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How to Respond to an Angel Mommy

You are a close friend to an angel mommy, maybe even a best friend. Or perhaps you are a parent, sibling, pastor, or coworker to this grieving mother. You know that something has changed traumatically in her life, but how do you acknowledge this change without invading her personal grief? How do you talk about such a deep topic without being harsh or intrusive? Here are 5 steps to help you as you talk to your angel mommy:

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My Story

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and my mind was swirling with plans for dinner with family and friends. I had been so busy and exhausted from substitute teaching that I hadn’t thought of a good way to announce the baby’s gender yet. My parents would be at our house on Wednesday, and our friends Toby and Amie would join us on Thursday.

“I can’t believe this day is finally here!” I squealed. Kenny chuckled as he steered our old car onto the highway. My heart fluttered as I thought about the little baby curled inside me. What was its gender? We pulled into the parking lot and skipped inside the office, brimming with joy.

“I’m excited to go this time. This pregnancy hasn’t seemed real to me yet since I missed the first ultrasound.” Kenny rubbed his clammy hands into mine. I had never seen him this nervous.

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God Wouldn’t Let it Go

Well, it’s official. I am an angel mommy on a journey. Or more like sitting on the back of that elephant in the room. I knew for so long that my Haddie might be giggling in Jesus’ arms one day too soon, but the reality of her leaving never stared me in the face as much as it does now. My husband and I have so much pain to filter through. When God laid this angelsmommies thing on my mind, it just didn’t make sense to me at first. “Lord, but. . .” I felt like Moses in front of Pharaoh trying to free an entire nation. But God wouldn’t let it go. So, “here am I, Lord. Send me. Make angelsmommies the outlet that I need, the outlet to reach other angel mommies and an outlet for grief. Not to erase the grief, but to channel it.”

by Sarah George