My Story: Placenta Previa


After spending a full day at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, we drove home exhausted and fell into our beds. I woke up with a stuffy head cold to greet me.

“I don’t think I should go to work today.” I blew into my fourth or fifth tissue already.

Kenny agreed. We munched on our breakfast, and I filled up the bathtub with hot water. I could feel my head clearing as I soaked in it after Kenny left for work. As I finished and drained the water out, a small red patch slipped into the drain.

“That’s strange.” I squinted, wondering if I had just imagined it. Not seeing anything else abnormal, I melted into bed again. My eyelids drooped, and my achy muscles sank into the soft mattress.

Then I felt the trickle. I moaned in fear. Gripping my phone, I dialed Kenny’s number.

“I’m bleeding, Sweetie,” I told him when he answered.

“Okay.” He searched for what to do. “I think you should call Jenny. If she says that you need to come into the office, let me know. I’ll come with you.”

“I’ll do that.” I hung up and called Jenny’s cell phone. No answer. I tried the office phone, and the secretary got Jenny right away.

“How much are you bleeding?”

“It seems like a good bit.” My body turned cold as I thought about what the bleeding could mean.

“Come in, and we’ll take a look.”

Kenny and I arrived at the office less than half an hour later. I switched my attire to their paper gowns, and Jenny examined me.

“You’re slightly dilated. About one centimeter.” Her mouth pressed into a straight line. “Let’s see what an ultrasound will tell us about the bleeding.”

We knew that I had placenta previa early in the pregnancy, but Jenny had hoped that my placenta would balloon out of the way later. As the technician performed the ultrasound, Jenny could see that I still had incomplete placenta previa, meaning that the placenta was covering only part of the birth canal.

Jenny’s main concern was the bleeding. It wasn’t too severe at that point, but if it worsened, I would have to deliver by C-section or be monitored in a hospital.

“I think you need to go to Atlanta and stay there. If you go into preterm labor or start to hemorrhage, you won’t be able to save your daughter here. You are also on bed rest for a week starting today,” Jenny said.

I was starting to feel the tension of this situation. We had just learned some important information about Hadassah, but it was still inconclusive for now until we heard a more detailed report from Atlanta. I would wait to make a decision about going to Atlanta, and I would pray that I would not hemorrhage at all.

by Sarah George



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