My Story: Overwhelming Support


During this difficult trial, Kenny and I never lacked support from our family and friends. From the time we heard that we might lose Hadassah, people started supporting us through prayer and showed concern for each doctor’s visit.

When I sat at home on bed rest, dozens of people delivered us meals. In fact, we were eating meals from loving supporters for about three months straight. One of my closest friends asked to start a prayer chain, and many churches had been praying for us already. My supervisor from work even hired a student to clean my house for a couple of weeks, and several close friends cleaned for me throughout the course of my bed rest.

Friends came to visit sometimes, and I always welcomed the distraction from my grief. One particular visit with our pastor touched us immensely.

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My Story: Questioning God


On the same day that we caught Jenny up on the cardiologist’s news, Kenny received a phone call from the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. My heart tapped anxiously inside my chest when he emailed me about it. The doctors were interested in doing a fetal MRI to see the extent of Hadassah’s heart condition. The normal heart formation seemed promising. Finally, we were getting somewhere!

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