My Story: Big Atlanta


I remember driving into Atlanta that cold Monday morning to talk to a myriad of doctors. I had never seen a hospital so big. We wound our way around their parking garage, trying to find any open spot. We were already late for the first appointment with the cardiologist.

Finally, we rushed through the huge glass doors and asked a receptionist where we should sign in. By the time we entered the cardiology section, we were over an hour behind schedule already.

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My Story: Questioning God


On the same day that we caught Jenny up on the cardiologist’s news, Kenny received a phone call from the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. My heart tapped anxiously inside my chest when he emailed me about it. The doctors were interested in doing a fetal MRI to see the extent of Hadassah’s heart condition. The normal heart formation seemed promising. Finally, we were getting somewhere!

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