My Story: Final Diagnosis


Seven days on bed rest stretched into entire weeks. Eventually, Jenny told me that I couldn’t go back to work unless I stopped bleeding, and I had to notify her of each new bleed. She also stipulated that I must sit down with as little movement as possible, and I could not work more than four hours per day.

To accommodate these restrictions, I walked slowly when I had to walk and asked for a personal assistant at work to bring me supplies. I also needed flexibility from my supervisor to leave whenever I felt the need. I could not go out of the house for any other reason except work, and I had to take it easy at all parts of the day. Each morning, I rubbed my sore, unused muscles and wondered what that day would bring.

“What did Atlanta say?” Jenny had called to explain that I would need an FMLA form. I knew she wanted us to make a decision soon. I was almost seven months pregnant and didn’t know the hospital at which I would deliver.

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