My Story: Fetal MRI


After several other appointments that Kenny and I had at Atlanta Children’s Hospital, we ended our busy day with a fetal MRI. I had researched what this experience would be like, and I had been fearing it all day.

I knew that I would be placed inside this big circular machine and left inside for about 30-45 minutes. I knew that the MRI machine was supposed to be totally safe, but I always imagine the worst-case scenario.

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My Story: Questioning God


On the same day that we caught Jenny up on the cardiologist’s news, Kenny received a phone call from the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. My heart tapped anxiously inside my chest when he emailed me about it. The doctors were interested in doing a fetal MRI to see the extent of Hadassah’s heart condition. The normal heart formation seemed promising. Finally, we were getting somewhere!

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