My Story: Not Giving Up

24WWIQ1SOKAs soon as I got home the evening after our first high-risk ultrasound, I started looking up ectopia cordis. What was it, and why did it happen? Was there anything that we could do? I wasn’t about to just give up so easily on saving my baby.

I learned that this condition was basically just the heart growing outside the chest somehow. There are different ways that ectopia cordis can happen. The high-risk doctor that we saw seemed to indicate something about amniotic band syndrome, a phenomenon where the baby gets tangled up in sticky bands that form in the amniotic sac. These bands can prevent certain parts of the body from forming correctly, usually just a finger or foot. In our case, the band wrapped itself around our baby’s abdomen and chest.

“We have to at least look into it, Sweetie. We can’t just let her die.” I furrowed my eyebrows at Kenny. He nodded immediately. We would question and find more opinions from specialized doctors.

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