Taking Care of Yourself


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Taking care of yourself

People say this phrase a lot when you lose a child. Unfortunately, it’s a little vague for all the truth it holds. Are there steps you should follow for taking care of yourself? When will you know that you completed the process?

“Taking care of yourself” seems so vague because the phrase means something different for every person. For me, it meant compiling a scrapbook and memory boxes and writing about my experiences in my journal. I needed to deal with my grief full-time for several weeks. I knew I would cope better later on if I did.

For some, it just means resting, eating well, and exercising. Believe me, even these simple points in life are difficult in the days immediately following your child’s death.

You’ll cope better.

Emily Clark, a young widow, realized how taking care of yourself will help you cope with your grief. When Emily’s husband first died, she didn’t want to take care. She didn’t cook, clean, or even shower as often as she should have.

But one day, Emily realized how important taking care of herself was. She started channeling her grief through good hygiene, exercise, restful sleep, and hobbies. She noticed how much better she was able to face reality when she rested well and took care of her needs. She was no longer stuck in the rut of despair, and she was actually pursuing and learning new things.

Of course, your grief and your situation might look so much different from mine or Emily’s. At the beginning, you’ll need more rest than usual. You shouldn’t expect to go about life the same as before.

Just focus on comforting yourself through the grief first. Take a relaxing bath, listen to music, rest, eat a nourishing meal. And as always, I must add that you should read God’s Word.

The Bible is a huge comfort. It shows you how God does care about your grief and loves you through the pain. If you don’t know Him as your Savior, please message me. I would love to show you how God can change your life and guide you in properly taking care of yourself during your child loss.

by Sarah George


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