Giving Thanks Through Your Child’s Death

Giving Thanks in Child's Death

“The Lord will never give you more than you can bear.” This thought from the Bible burns in my mind when I think about my babies in Heaven. God has showered my life with so many blessings. I honestly can’t think of a trial much deeper for me than enduring a child’s death.

I know that many of you feel the same. You may never fully understand the reasons behind your child’s death, and frankly you might disagree with God if you knew His purpose. Just know that He did have a purpose.

In the Midst of your Child’s Death

Still, God calls us mothers to do something totally against our natures. We naturally want to spit in death’s face for leaving our hands and hearts bare. We wish for the power to bring our babies back and shelter them from hurt.

But God commands something different. “In everything, give thanks,” He says (1 Thess. 5:18).

Well, of course, we should give thanks for our warm houses, our full tummies and our stable jobs. We love our kind neighbors, and we see the overall joys we’ve been given in life.

But what about people who lived during the Holocaust or other wars? What about Job in the Bible whose entire wealth and estate lay in ashes from storms and disease, all family abruptly torn from him? What about all the families touched by 9/11? What should these people give thanks for?

God’s Call Stays the Same

The interesting thing about God’s Word is that it always stays the same. If you start your own business and transform it into a million-dollar company, “in everything, give thanks.” If the ruler of your country drafts your spouse into war, “in everything, give thanks.”

If your coworkers hate you and your family disowns you, “in everything, give thanks.” If you lose every item you have worked so hard in life for, “in everything, give thanks.” And finally, if the Lord chooses to take all of your children to Heaven one by one, His Word still doesn’t change. “In everything, give thanks.”

As Thanksgiving day approached, I have toyed with this verse ever so often. I haven’t studied the verse recently or anything, but I’ve had fleeting thoughts about thanking God for my children.

Yes, I can easily give thanks for the time I had with them inside me and for the joy of knowing that I have sweet faces to greet me when I enter Heaven.

But finding praise within my child’s death, first Haven and then Hadassah? That doesn’t make sense. A day rarely passes when I don’t wish they were here with me.

I want to chase Haven, a content and bouncy two-year-old that I can hardly keep up with, around the house with squealing eight-month-old Hadassah in my arms. I would have to muster up great strength to find praise within the event that took them away.

The Challenge

God still wants my grateful heart, though. I’m still supposed to thank Him. I can use my empty hands by lifting them toward Heaven in praise, thanking Him for growing me. I can thank Him for letting my children know His perfect world more intimately than my sin-cursed one.

Today, I will eat my bounty and praise God for being Lord, even in my children’s deaths. What about you? I challenge you now to thank God even in the midst of your own child’s death. All glory to Him.

by Sarah George

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