A Veteran’s Grief

veteran's grief

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. On this important day, we will honor those who have given up much to serve our country. We will honor the sacrifices that have only deepened each veteran’s grief.

They have seen the horrors of combat, risked themselves to find crucial knowledge for our country, and trained hard to prepare for the enemy. Needless to say, these veterans deserve our utmost respect.

Great Sacrifice

When a man chooses to train and serve for our great country, he gives up many luxuries. He hands over a comfortable bed, hot meals, restful dreams, and lazy days. He gives up his own desires and goals. Most of all, he gives up precious time with his wife and children.

Here, you and I can relate to these soldiers. We have lost cherished moments with our children. We would do almost anything to regain the time we have lost too.

But the veteran’s grief runs deeper. He may even live his life wishing he had made a different choice, wanting to watch his kids grow up. Unlike us, these soldiers chose this life. They knew the results, and they decided the greater cause.

For this choice, we are deeply indebted to these men and women. They have strength far greater than I do. I don’t know about you, but I would run far away from war.

If forced into service, I would run away in my thoughts. I would long for a chance to live in a place of peace without war. I love my country, but I love my family far more.

The Veteran’s Grief

The truth? Veterans love their families too. They don’t enjoy the long months training away from loved ones.

But they do understand one thing. Until Christ returns to rule this world under His theocracy, countries will need law and order. Good leaders and evil leaders will chafe against each other, and one will rule the other.

Until Christ comes back, countries will defend themselves from invaders. And those countries can only do so if men will defend it.

For this reason, I will hold my hand over my heart when the national anthem plays. I will look at the stars and stripes with love and respect for the stripes of grief veterans may wear every day.

We thank you, veterans, for the sacrifices you have made. Thank you for devoting your life to protect us. Thank you for serving our country and not running away. Thank you for giving up valued moments with your children.

from Sarah George


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