When You Lose Your Child, Part 1

If you’re reading this post because you just lost your child, may I express my sorrow from one parent’s heart to another. Nobody should have to bury their children. You may be wondering how you will move on with your life without your baby. You will feel dazed, as if lightning struck you in that moment. You may think that nothing will ever help you past that experience. 

My advice is that you don’t need to move on just yet. Stay there, right where you are. Don’t go to work; have someone babysit your other children. Have someone else make funeral preparations for you. You need time for yourself right now. When Hadassah died, I took off from work for four weeks. Sometimes I would just sit on my couch and stare into space. Then I would cry, read, and sleep; but I would return to my quiet place many times. Simply live in the moment. Don’t shut others out from helping you, but give yourself time to bring this dream of an event into reality.

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